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One year course

This course aims to provide a broad outline of Rudolf Steiner’s indications regarding physical, emotional and spiritual development from birth to young adulthood. The course is for middle and senior managers in the Trust to support them in developing their pedagogical insights.

While giving Steiner’s insights into child development this course allows staff to deepen their understanding of the underlying developmental principles of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education and the Seven Fields of Practice.

Three primary themes are explored and woven through these topics:

  1. An introduction to principles and primary indications of Steiner’s anthropology and psychology
  2. Pictures of the differentiated human organism
  3. Reflections on the developmental phases from infancy to adolescence


Trevor Mepham

Course information and application:

RMT staff: no fee

Dates for 2021: 20-21 Oct; 24-25 Nov; 15-16 Dec

Dates for 2022: 19-20 Jan; 16-17 Feb; 9-10 Mar; 6-7 Apr; 11-12 May; 22-23 June; 6-7 July

Venue: Regional

Booking: Complete CPD form with line manager and submit to HEaRT