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Download issue 5 of The Field Centre Journal

A Hub for Collaborative Research

The Field Centre acts as a hub for collaborative research into Ruskin Mill Trust’s educational method and its underpinning influences. Our research programme is designed to enhance both our therapeutic teaching methods and the skills and competence of our staff team, so that we improve educational and life outcomes for our students.

Research at the Field Centre

Research at the Field Centre directly supports the charitable objects of Ruskin Mill Trust (RMT). It aims to improve our practice with students, evidence the benefits of our approach, and deepen staff understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of our Practical Skills Therapeutic Education(PSTE) method.

Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming lectures, presentations and workshops here.

Journal of Research and Practice

The Field Centre Journal of Research and Practice presents research carried out within and around the Field Centre, and more broadly, work which shares our research themes. These are:

  • Action research which is integral to the various dimensions of Ruskin Mill Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE), particularly research connected to our staff practice of craft, biodynamic agriculture and therapeutic pedagogy.
  • Research on any topic within the Goethean science paradigm.
  • Research on Rudolf Steiner’s life, work and legacy.
  • Research reports on work currently being carried out around the Trust.
  • Research specifically on the outcomes and impact of Ruskin Mill Trust’s PSTE method that uses mainstream research methods will usually be referred to existing scholarly journals in the appropriate academic disciplines.
In Dialogue: Volume 1, colour
a collaboration of the Holistic Science Journal and The Field Centre Joiurnal of Research and Practice

Research Opportunity

Ruskin Mill Trust is looking to appoint an external research consultant to improve the way we evidence the effectiveness of our PSTE teaching and learning method to outside stakeholders and review our data holdings and data capture processes to identify what data to collect for these purposes in future.

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Our events calendar

Our events calendar

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