Fresh food prepared at the woodland kitchen

This course is designed to enable people working directly in education, care and social enterprise to connect with the potential of a practical food culture that has health, nutrition and wellbeing at its heart. The course is a symbiosis of biodynamic agriculture, current medical understanding of the human microbiome and the implementation of holistic support and care. This course is open to all staff as well as external participants and is aimed especially at all staff involved in food preparation.

Berni Courts and external experts in the field

Dates and locations

19-21 Oct at Ruskin Mill
9-11 Nov at Ruskin Mill

8-10 Feb at Sunfield
8-10 March at Sunfield
10-12 May at Freeman
14-16 June at Ruskin Mill

Course fees and application
Course fee: £200 / RMT staff: no fee

To book, please download and complete the application form and email [email protected]