(3) UNIVERSE: Ways of knowing / consciousness studies

To develop a research culture ‘in touch with life’ requires a broad understanding of the diversity and unity of human ways of knowing (cognitive, emotional, practical etc.).  A core task of the Field Centre is to develop such epistemologies and methods sourced in the interplay of educational and entrepreneurial activities. A focus here is to develop adult education pedagogy with the uniqueness of the individual learner in mind, so his/her her vocational, academic and personal growth can entwine. From a focus on individual epistemologies a continuum is established to individual pathways of self-schooling, including contemplative and art-based methods of inquiry, and a schooling of perception.


Light, Warmth and Bee Studies – What is the nature of light and warmth? And how do these qualities relate to the senses of seeing and our warmth sense? This project is a two-year study informed by a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in 1919-20 to the first Waldorf School Teachers. Guided by experiments lead by the science teacher Alex Murrell, the project has the aim of preparing for future workshop seminars within this field for science educators.

Project leaders: Dr. Aksel Hugo, Alex Murrell, Simon Charter 

Art and Science of the 12 Senses – This project is in the first stage of development. It carries the aim is to develop a collaborative project where art and science entwine in exploring the 12 senses.

Project leaders: Johannes Steuck, Aonghus Gordon, Dr. Aksel Hugo

Foundation Stone Eurythmy Project – Is it possible to translate and explore the Foundation Stone verse given by Rudolf Steiner into the language of eurythmy? Can this exploration be made in a collaborative laboratory? This project is based on a series of evening worshops at the Field Centre, facilitated by Gale Ramm.

Project leaders: Gale Ramm and Simon Reakes