The overall aims of the Teacher Development Programme are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for teachers to develop, deepen and enliven pedagogic practice, within a special education needs context.
  • Explore Steiner’s philosophy and practice in relation to Waldorf Education (the pedagogic approach), human development and the human being.
  • Provide teachers with an entry into the practical method of the Ruskin Mill Trust school curriculum, and gain direct experience of the journey that students themselves undertake, in order to help staff embody the vision and values of the organisation, act as effective role models for students, and support the student journey.
  • Provide teachers with an opportunity to explore how to braid alternative approaches to special education with the expectations and requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Provide teaches with an introduction to the role and value of therapies, in supporting learner development and education.
  • Act as a gateway for on-going personal and professional development for teachers, in order that they can develop and grow, personally and professionally, in designing and delivering creative child-centred education.
  • Provide an opportunity to meet ‘resistance’ in respect of the self, the other and the world (as with the student journey), and through individual and peer reflection identify areas for personal growth and the enhancement of personal and professional practice.
  • Provide an opportunity for the development and engagement of practical, emotional and cognitive capacities through the concepts of learning through ‘resistance’; dimensions of space and locus of control; Focus, Grasp and Step.
  • Provide an opportunity to gain emotional, mental and physical resilience and develop their capacities as a teacher.
  • Promote and build autonomous self-leadership and personally responsibility.

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