The Field Centre is pleased be in partnership with:

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Ruskin Mill Trust in partnership with Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway  is delighted to offer a new and innovative Masters programme: MA in Special Education: Practical Skills Transformative Learning.  In addition to the joint development and delivery of the MA, Ruskin Mill Trust will be engaging in joint action research, whereby, our findings can be fed back into pedagogic approaches.

Rudolf Steiner College, USA 

Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California, specialises in Waldorf teacher education. Our research faculty is currently working with the College on an action research project concerned with reflective practice.

Via Aurea Caroli, Czech Republic

Via Aurea Caroli is translated as the ‘golden road of Caroli.’ Stretching from Nuremburg to Prague it became an economic and cultural access that supported the Bohemian culture in the fourteenth century. It is along this road that German pioneer, Wolfgang Gutberlet, is converting 5,000 hectares of newly acquired land for conversion to Biodynamic methods, a benevolent revitalisation of agriculture and culture.  This initiative has partnered with the Glasshouse College through a collaborative glassblowing project ‘Community Breath’ which links the students, staff and practitioners, some of whose ancestors came from Bohemian glass communities over the centuries to contribute to the renaissance of glassmaking in Stourbridge.

Homtini, South Africa

Homtini is a pioneering project working to support the education and training of young people and social enterprise initiatives at Homtini deploying the method of practical skills therapeutic education within the farm.