The Masters programme combines a theoretical grounding in Special Needs Education with hands on practical experience of alternative pedagogic approaches, within the context of a research laboratory. The programme consists of six modules, which are delivered over the three years. These are:

  1. The philosophy of science and the history of special education
  1. Research methods and situated transformative action research
  1. Theoretical approaches to practical skills transformative learning
  1. Special education and symptoms of disabilities
  1. Work based learning: Enhancing professional practice
  2. MA Thesis

The programme will be delivered by a team from the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, specialising in Special Education. They are joined by a team from Ruskin Mill Trust in the UK, comprising academics, researchers, pedagogues and practitioners. The programme also benefits from input, in the form of guest lecturers and tutors, from notable researchers and practitioners from the fields of Special Needs Education, transformative learning, and practical skills pedagogic approaches.

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