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Level 5 (Practical Skills Therapeutic Education)

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This programme provides a deepening of the Ruskin Mill Trust approach to care as well as the skills and knowledge required to manage, practise and lead others in adult health and social care provision, or in children and young people’s services.

While providing an externally recognised qualification, this course gives care managers the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Seven Fields of Practice as they are applied in the residential setting, and to develop the insights and tools to run a high quality Ruskin Mill Trust care home and residential service.


Leigh Bown, Sofie Rasmussen and other experts

Course information and application

RMT staff: no fee

Dates for 2021: 16 Sep; 14 Oct; 18 Nov

Dates for 2022: 13 Jan; 17 Feb; 17 Mar; 14 Apr; 12 May; 16 June

Venue: The Field Centre, Nailsworth GL6 0QE

Booking: Complete CPD form with line manager and submit to HEaRT