Overview and welcome

The Field Centre Journal of Research and Practice presents research carried out within and around the Field Centre, and more broadly, work which shares our research themes. These are:

  • Action research which is integral to the various dimensions of Ruskin Mill Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE), particularly research connected to our staff practice of craft, biodynamic agriculture and therapeutic pedagogy.
  • Research on any topic within the Goethean science paradigm.
  • Research on Rudolf Steiner’s life, work and legacy.
  • Research reports on work currently being carried out around the Trust.
  • Research specifically on the outcomes and impact of Ruskin Mill Trust’s PSTE method that uses mainstream research methods will usually be referred to existing scholarly journals in the appropriate academic disciplines.

In 2018, in recognition of the first five years of operation of the Field Centre, our original journal, In Isis, was redesigned and renamed simply as The Field Centre Journal of Research and Practice.

Electronic copies of the latest journal can be downloaded from our homepage and previous editions below.


We welcome contributions from practitioners and researchers writing for the Journal and we are open to a wide variety of writing styles, formats and approaches. The Journal is open access and made available via the Field Centre website, as well as being distributed in print form.

Articles should be no longer than 3,500 words and the upcoming deadline is June 1 2020. High quality images (300 dpi minimum) are very welcome if you have permission to use them. To discuss submissions please contact the editor at: [email protected]

Editor: Dr Laurence Cox

Editorial committee: Dr Gill Nah, Simon Reakes, Dr Judyth Sassoon, Dr Troy Vine.

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In Dialogue Edition 4 2020/2021

A collaboration between the Holistic Science Journal and Field Centre Journal of Research and Practice.

 Download: field-centre-journal-in_dialogue


The Field Centre Journal Edition 3 2019/2020

Contents: Reflective Practice; Making a Living; A Place For Transformation; Seeing the Wholesome Picture; Biodynamic Compost Preparations; Goethe’s Spirit Haunts a New Biology; Anthroposophy, Bildung and Steiner Education; The Domains and Stages of Higher Knowledge; Towards an Ecology of the Invisible

 Download: FC Journal Spring-Summer 2020_PDF_download


The Field Centre Journal Edition 2 2019

Contents: Twisted Threads; Therapeutic Movement and Crafts; Excellence in Practice; Creative Journeys; Education and Self; The Wisdom of a Drum-Dancer; Goethean Science at RMT; The Agriculture Course; Goethe and the Sloth; Iron; Symphony of the Spine

 Download: FC Journal 2019_PDF_download


The Field Centre Journal Edition 2018

Contents: Goethe and Newton; Goethe’s Work on Colour; William Blake and Colour; Reading Rudolf Steiner; Renaissance of the Valley; Goethe’s Scientific Method

 Download: FC_Vol1_2018_reprint_1_FINAL


inIsis Vol 2. No.2 2015

Contents: The philosophical legacy of Goethe’s morphology; Developing a morphological curriculum; In league with Poseidon; Evolving morphological science

 Download: inIsis Vol 2. No.2 2015


inIsis Vol 2. No.1 2015

Contents: Community breath; To think the enlightenment anew; MA in Special Education; Bee culture in evolution; Learning from bees; Inviting fire; Transformative spaces

 Download inIsis Vol 2. No.1 2015


inIsis Vol 1. No.1 2014

Contents: Catching fishness; Goethe: An eye for colour; When plants become our teachers; Thinking textiles as a community of practice; Benefits of craft for impulse control-related disorders; Beholding a question; Re-imagining thinking

 Download inIsis Vol 1. No.1 2014