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The Inner Child – a Goethean Psychology workshop with Graham Kennish – NOW TAKING PLACE ONLINE

24/10/2020 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm


IMPORTANT: Please note that this event will now take place on Zoom.

Please email Graham Kennish at [email protected] for free Zoom link.

For more information on Goethean Psychology please go to: www.goetheanpsychology.co.uk



Using Goethean Psychology, participants will create their own ‘gesture tools’, which they can then regularly practise, to deepen their awareness of  ‘inner children’ and bring re-newed love and care to them. “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”

What is an ‘Inner Child’?

Watching young children, we are drawn to the innocence and freshness of the  little person, their vibrant, open curiosity and their endless activity. We are also drawn to older children and teenagers for the freshness of their qualities. We both remember these qualities in our own childhoods, but we become aware of the lack of them, too, because, unless we were exceedingly fortunate, we were not given all that we needed for our development, so our adult lives have been partly spent, while living out of what were satisfied childhood forces, finding ways to nurture those aspects which were left out or left behind through the destiny of our upbringing.

From those we appreciate around us as friends or as lovers, we give and receive, enjoying again all those qualities, and learning to bring light into the more shadowed resonances – whether kindergarten, lower, middle or upper school ages. In many ways life offers us to be parents to ourselves, life gives us new opportunities for second childhoods. Particularly as parents with our own children, we are given rich opportunities to re-enter childhood forces and experience them again, but this time from the ‘other side’, as an adult.  We become clearer in ourselves about what a young child needs and we find ways to give to the children in our care what we consider will be of most benefit to their developing – in a fuller way, perhaps, than we had.

While we may not have enjoyed the fullness of such benefits ourselves, we can feel that at least we can give it to the children around us and enjoy it from the other side, from out of our adulthood. Yet, there are occasions when our interaction with children touches us more deeply than we feel comfortable with and pulls us into a dilemma. How can I remain an adult while at the same time enter deeply into what the children I care for, need?  Why do I sometimes become anxious and uncertain, finding it hard to step back, trust and let the children engage with their own experiences? Why do I sometimes find that, in being with children, I can get cross and angry, or frustrated and exhausted by them. Why do I sometimes lose myself a little as an adult and find myself compromised, particularly with teenagers, when I identify too much as a friend and boundaries become blurred, with some loss of respect and the inner authority that children and teenagers need to feel safe with.

Such experiences can be understood by entering into them with gesture, the language of the soul. Once we can see these gestures and work with them we can transform the feelings at their source, using that same language of gesture. Talking doesn’t touch this level of feeling, but gesture does and we can safely heal our own biographical gestures by re-entering them in present time, re-entering the childhood within ourselves, wordlessly.

It is never too late to have a happy childhood!

The children we meet and care for, resonate in us as one musical instrument does with another. When the strings that could sound, are slack or broken from painful experiences, we can re-string them and become more open to the childrens’. When childrens’ difficulties resonate with our own ‘difficult’ strings, we are unable to respond so effectively until we have repaired and re-tuned our own strings.

Free participation, donations welcome

For more information please contact Graham Kennish
Email: [email protected]


10:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Simon Reakes


The Field Centre
GL6 0QE United Kingdom + Google Map