11-day course

This course provides an introduction to Goethean Science taking a fourfold perspective and is especially designed for Ruskin Mill Trust staff. The teaching practices of the Trust are founded on the method developed by Goethe in his scientific writings and on subsequent research, especially by Rudolf Steiner. In this course we introduce Goethe’s original work and discuss Rudolf Steiner’s role in developing Goethe’s ideas.

We also briefly highlight some later work developing out of Goethean Science, including original research by our Field Centre academics. The sessions have a high practical and experiential content alongside short, intense classroom teaching. The course will guide participants through the four realms of nature using the four traditional elements as focuses of observation.

A fifth and final weekend looks specfically at Goethe’s idea of polarity, specifically focusing on the world of colour and the natural sciences.

Simon Reakes MSc, Dr Troy Vine, Dr Judyth Sassoon, Aonghus Gordon MEd

Course information and application

External course fee: £300 RMT staff: no fee

Dates for 2022: 12-13 Feb; 12-13 Mar; 9-10 Apr; 14-15 May; 21-22 June

Venue: The Field Centre, Nailsworth GL6 0QE

Information: thefieldcentre.org.uk

Booking: [email protected]