This project undertakes the development of a cross-trust bee curriculum project whilst working with a sensitivity to the importance of place and human development. The aim is to develop a project that unites across all the provisions of Ruskin Mill Trust, while at the same time being sensitive to their individual locations and the needs of their students. Based on experiences from the cross college textiles project a flexible model of growth is applied where Ruskin Mill College takes a pilot lead.

The project will consist of a four-stage process, and will be piloted by Ruskin Mill College:

  1. Preparing the ground
  2. Shaping the team and the pilot project
  3. Initial testing of the project
  4. Reflection, adjustment and improvements.

In 2015, we worked to prepare the ground by shaping a generic cross trust bee curriculum based on input from all bee keepers and a study of Steiner’s bee lectures. In 2016 we will shape a team and curriculum starting with Ruskin Mill College.

The project is supported and accompanied by MSc dissertation research into the Bee Curriculum.