This Masters explores alternative pedagogic approaches to Special Needs Education through the medium of practical skills. It focuses on the process of transformative learning as a continuous ongoing creative act. The use of practical skills in learning creates the potential for transformation in young people, as learners.

Within the context of practical skills, the programme explores the pedagogic potential of craft and materials, the land, ecology, biodynamic ecology and movement. As part of this, participants will have the opportunity to engage in craft work, such as green woodwork, iron age forge and textiles, and in land work – in order to explore their pedagogic potential.

The Masters combines theoretical studies with reflection through practical experience. It will be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars and workshops. Through the programme, participants are provided with an opportunity to research and experience ‘practical skills’ as a form of transformative education, within the context of a pedagogic laboratory, as offered by the Ruskin Mill Trust.

The programme seeks to combine research informed practice with practice informed research, in order to further develop and enhance knowledge and practice in this arena.

Throughout the programme, there will be the opportunity for input from notable speakers from the realms of education, ecology, movement and medicine.

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