Close up photo of yellow and green pigment powder in dishes

This course is aimed at those who want to further explore their understanding of therapeutic education through biography as a work in time, art therapy as a new sacred space, and the creation of pigments from transformed earth substances.

Open to all, the course will be of great interest to those who wish to deepen their interest in Steiner’s indications, and for craft people seeking to gain an insight into colour in a therapeutic context and personal biography. The course addresses the theme of the human being as a work of art in time and space. It does this from three perspectives.


Dr Susanne Hofmeister (Med. Doctor)
Karin Jarman
(art therapist)
Anna Willoughby
(Textiles Tutor at Ruskin Mill College)
Richard Mace
(History of Art Tutor at Ruskin Mill College)

Course information and application

External course fee: £900

RMT staff: no fee (includes course materials, meals & refreshments)

Dates for 2021: 10-12 Sep (Field Centre); 26-28 Nov (Wool Barn TBC);

Dates for 2022: 28-30 Jan (Field Centre); 22-24 Apr (Field Centre); 3-5 June (Field Centre); July 22 (TBC)

Venue: The Field Centre, Nailsworth GL6 0QE
Wool Barn, Ruskin Mill College, Nailsworth GL6 0QE


Booking: [email protected]