The Teacher Development Programme (ages 7 – 18 years) is a 2 year part-time programme with applications now being invited for a January 2017 intake.

The programme seeks to combine research into alternative pedagogic practice, reflective practice and inner work, with the development and acquisition of skills and knowledge derived from Steiner Waldorf pedagogic philosophy and practice. This is not a Waldorf Teacher Training Course. However, it seeks to build upon participants’ existing knowledge and experience in a teaching role. The programme seeks to embed many of the principles of Waldorf Education and human development, to support teachers in delivering creative and child-centred holistic programmes of learning, primarily (although not exclusively) within a special education context.

Braided into the pedagogic insights of Rudolf Steiner, the programme aligns Steiner’s model of human phasic development with the National Curriculum and The Ruskin Mill Trusts pedagogic model of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education model (PSTE). This is expressed through the integration of art, science and spirituality, with an emphasis on developing students creative capacities through practical experiences. Aligned to the PSTE method of The Ruskin Mill Trust is the exploration of the pedagogic benefits offered by therapeutic interventions, intended to accelerate the pedagogy through engaging with the senses.

The programme seeks to provide experiential and reflective opportunities for participants, in respect of the design and delivery of child/learner centric approaches to alternative education, typically within the context of special education. As well as focus on theory and practice, the programme also provides the opportunity to critically evaluate educational approaches and personal practice, through action research, to support personal and professional development.

The programme is aimed at current and new teachers who wish to further explore and deepen their pedagogic approaches. It is also aimed at those who are dissatisfied with current approaches to education and wish to adopt more creative, child-centred approaches to education.

The program will be delivered by means of a series of activities. These will include:

  • Taught sessions (transmission)
  • Groups discussions and seminars
  • Practical activities (experiential craft and art sessions/experiential learning)
  • Teaching practice
  • Reflection (self and peer based)
  • Independent study

The programme will be delivered over two years, over 16 weekend seminars (8 per year) and four 4-day learning blocks (2 per year). Constantin Court, Director of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (Pedagogy) is the programme lead.

Sessions will be delivered at:

  • Brantwood Specialist School, Sheffield
  • Freeman College, Tintagel House and the Merlin Theatre, Sheffield
  • The Field Centre, Nailsworth
  • Glasshouse College, Stourbridge

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