A practical training in Biodynamic Agriculture, within the context of human development and education.

The course has been designed by experienced farmers, gardeners, teachers and senior practitioners, within the Trust – where Biodynamic Agriculture is embedded in enterprise, management and education.

Programme aim:

What makes this programme unique is its holistic and integrated approach to how people and different geographical locations interrelate. The Biodynamic approach to agriculture is founded on the concept of ‘the whole farm organism’, and the inter-relationship and connectivity between the various parts.

Biodynamic Agriculture:
Re-imagining the potential of the farm, the human being, individuals, communities and the environment

Biodynamic agriculture lives at the heart of the Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) and as such, we use the land as context and means of engagement in bringing about person-centred learning and development.

The aim of the Ruskin Mill Biodynamic Training programme is to:

  • Equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become an independent and confident biodynamic worker, in order to manage and work within a small to medium sized biodynamic or organic holding
  • Provide participants with the opportunity and attributes to work with people with differing educational and developmental needs in a therapeutic context through land based activities.

The programme has two primary areas of focus:

  • Biodynamic training – ‘Growing the land’
  • Social therapeutic education – ‘Growing people’

It is the integration of these dual aims that makes our approach unique and valuable.

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