The Field Centre aims to develop research methodologies which enable the development of a research community sourced in practice. These methodologies situate the inquiry process within living fields of relationships that constitute the performed field of practice. This unifying principle is common to all research fields and situates them relationally to each other in the fields of research:

Communities of Practice

In situated education, the performance and enhancement of a field of practice is not performed in isolation, but in a laboratory of shared inquiry and practice. To develop appropriate methodologies in collaborative action research for different professional, educational and adult educational contexts is a central field of research for the Field Centre.

Practical Skills Transformative Learning

All of the colleges that constitute Ruskin Mill Trust work with land and craft based transformative education. To develop this restorative educational impulse and bring it into dialogue with the current discourse in special needs education is central to the research and development work at the Field Centre.

Biodynamic Ecology

Where you lift the concept of ecology and the nurturing of life processes from a material realm within agriculture, into the social and spiritual areas of life,  you discover synergy of healthy relationships between human beings and nature. To explore the conditions of such healthy and synergetic relationships constitutes a third broad field of research.

Goethean Science

To develop a healthy educational practice is impossible without a deeper understanding of the entwined wholeness of the human being and its relation to the ecology of the life processes in nature. The Field Centre has a particular task in lifting the phenomenology in Goethe’s  holistic approach to nature into a 21st century educational science context.

Spiritual Science

When we discover the spiritual activity inherent in human cognition, we can accompany its flight route. Through sensitized inward attentive practice, phenomenology and action research is thereby extended to the phenomena of will, feeling and thinking. A schooling of these faculties leads to a spiritualized, extended concept of collaborative action research.