The Field Centre aims to address two questions within the context of the Ruskin Mill Trust. How can academic life be brought into close dialogue with professional and personal practice? And how can communities of practice develop a collaborative and reflective research culture?

The Field Centre coordinates and performs practice-enhanced research within Ruskin Mill Trust. New insights and practices connected to our method, practical skills therapeutic education, are developed through collaborative action research and a Masters programme.  The task here is twofold; to promote dialogue with the current academic discourse on topics relevant to our work and to publish and disseminate results from research activities.

The Field Centre develops independent research aimed at enhancing practice. A defining characteristic of the research approach is the situating of the inquiry process within living fields of relationships. This includes projects and programmes connected to communities of practice, practical skills therapeutic education, biodynamic ecology, Goethean science and spiritual science.

The Field Centre provides a reflective space for sharing practice and ongoing conversations among and between fields of practice, practitioners and researchers. Methodologically, the concept of reflective practice includes practical activity as well as soul and spiritual activity. This extended concept of action research implies a schooling of these capacities as integral to a research culture.