Purpose of research

Our research directly supports the charitable objects of Ruskin Mill Trust (RMT). It aims to improve our practice with students, evidence the benefits of our approach, and deepen staff understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of our Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) method. We further these aims through three kindsof research: practitioner research by staff for staff, Goethean research developingour theoretical basis, and outcomes-oriented research for external stakeholders.

The Field Centre Management

Our research consultant Dr Laurence Cox, and applied researcher Dr Gill Nah provide the research infrastructure that supports over 20 active researchers, both from RMT and other external researchers.

Associate researchers

The Field Centre hosts two associate researchers, each primarily based in
other academic institutions, and carrying out research and other contributions on a part-time basis. These are Dr Judyth Sassoon (University of Bristol, biology), Dr Troy Vine (Humboldt University Berlin, physics).