Pedagogic Potential of Craftwork Intensive

Four-day Intensive 13th to 16th July 2020

We are pleased to offer the four-day intensive course for external applicants who are interested in the pedagogic potential of craftwork and who are unable to commit to the full two-year programme. Through the week, you will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced craft tutors and pedagogues in order to explore how the different crafts, activities and materials are used as educational and therapeutic tools.

In addition to the experiential nature of the week, you will be given an insight into the models of human development and sensory integration that underpin Ruskin Mill Trust’s pedagogic approach (Practical Skills Therapeutic Education), derived from the insights of Rudolf Steiner, William Morris and John Ruskin.

The course provides an opportunity to explore and experience an alternative approach to special education, using craftwork and practical skills, braiding theory and practice. 

The four-day course will be delivered at the following locations:

·         Ruskin Mill College, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

·         Glasshouse College, Stourbridge

·         Freeman College, Sheffield

·         An additional day, Friday 17th July 2020, will be available for internal delegates to participate in Ruskin Mill’s Neurodiversity Conference, where the craft experience will be deepened alongside RMT students and external speakers and delegates. External delegates are welcome to purchase tickets to attend the whole two-day conference on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July. More information on this event will be available shortly.

COST: £200 inclusive of lunches for the duration of the course

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Craft as a tool for human education and development


This two-year, part-time training offered across Ruskin Mill Trust centres explores the pedagogic potential of craft within an SEN context, equipping participants with the skills to use craft to support education. The programme combines theory with practice, allowing participants to engage with craft and to experience and research its pedagogic potential. This course is currently only open to RMT staff. 

The programme is aimed at teachers, learning assistants and those individuals with an interest in alternative approaches to special education, in particular, using craftwork as a pedagogic tool. Applications are now invited. Concessionary places are available for practitioners working, or aspiring to work, in a Waldorf setting.

The course aims to provide an opportunity to:

·         Explore and experience the role of craftwork in special education

·         Work alongside experienced pedagogues and craftspeople to see how craftwork can be used as a therapeutic and educational tool

·         Braid theory and practice within the context of special education and human development

By the end of the course you will:

·         Understand how craftwork can be used as an educational and therapeutic tool, within the context of special education

·         Understand the pedagogic and therapeutic potential of different craft activities, materials and learning environments in supporting education and development

·         Know how to positively engage learners in craftwork, to support their learning and development

·         Have had the opportunity to experience a variety of crafts, and explore the challenges faced by students with special educational needs

·         Understand the role of craft in giving learners non-judgemental feedback on progress and a sense of achievement on completing a hand-crafted item of service for the wider community