Introduction and welcome

by Aonghus Gordon, Founder and Chair of Ruskin Mill Trust

The inauguration of The Field Centre took place on Michaelmas day, 29th of September 2013. The opening was a culmination of 28 years of work within Ruskin Mill Trust, serving the needs of young adults with developmental challenges. During this time, numerous workshops and public lectures took place for staff and the community, with international practitioners and researchers. This work is now gathered, housed and given its identity in The Field Centre, which also provides the venue and research context for the Masters programme.

In 2018, in recognition of the first five years of operation of the Field Centre, our original journal, In Isis, was redesigned and renamed simply as The Field Centre Journal. Electronic copies of the latest journal can be downloaded from our homepage.

Back editions of The Field Centre Journal


The Field Centre Journal Vol 1. 2018

Contents: Goethe and Newton; Goethe’s Work on Colour; William Blake and Colour; Reading Rudolf Steiner; Renaissance of the Valley; Goethe’s Scientific Method

Download: FC_Vol1_2018_reprint_1_FINAL


inIsis Vol 2. No.2 2015

Contents: The philosophical legacy of Goethe’s morphology; Developing a morphological curriculum; In league with Poseidon; Evolving morphological science

Download: inIsis Vol 2. No.2 2015


inIsis Vol 2. No.1 2015

Contents: Community breath; To think the enlightenment anew; MA in Special Education; Bee culture in evolution; Learning from bees; Inviting fire; Transformative spaces

Download inIsis Vol 2. No.1 2015


inIsis Vol 1. No.1 2014

Contents: Catching fishness; Goethe: An eye for colour; When plants become our teachers; Thinking textiles as a community of practice; Benefits of craft for impulse control-related disorders; Beholding a question; Re-imagining thinking

Download inIsis Vol 1. No.1 2014


The Field Centre Journal Team

The journal is coordinated by Dr Laurence Cox in collaboration with Research Publishing Manager, Simon Reakes.