Ruskin Mill Trust offers a variety of educational and training programmes. Each of our programmes share key pedagogical features:

Exploring Alternative approaches to education: Building upon the Practical Skills Therapeutic Education model developed by Ruskin Mill Trust, our programmes explore alternative approaches to special education. This involves experiential learning, research and reflective and reflexive practice.

Learning through doing: Through our programme, emphasis is placed on experiential learning – learning through doing. Participants are invited to explore existing pedagogic and human development frameworks through research, experiential learning and reflection.

Person-centred approaches: Focus is placed throughout programmes on the person-centred pedagogic approaches. The programmes looks at creating personalised learning pathways that are centred on human development and the development of the individual.

Personal Development: As part of our programmes, participants are given an opportunity to explore the question ‘who am I?’ as part of their personal development. This is based on the premise that ‘before meeting the student I need to meet myself’. Through this, participants are given the opportunity to explore and reflect upon their own pedagogic approach and build confidence, skills and attributes of the ‘teacher’.

Research: Throughout our programmes, participants are given the opportunity to research existing practice and personal professional practice.

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