Applications for the course have now closed. Applications for courses starting September 2020 will open early 2020.

A practical training in Biodynamic gardening.

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This new programme is developed and delivered in conjunction with the Catherine Grace Trust in Bristol. The new course, Growing the land, Growing people, will be held once a month in Bristol, on Saturdays from September to July. Each day will run from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Course dates for 2019/20

28 September 2019
Introduction; the earth as a living
organism; the 4 Kingdoms of Nature;
science and phenomenology of soils

19 October
Biodynamic soil fertility; elements
of PSTE; building a Biodynamic
compost heap; Biodynamic cow horn
& chamomile preparation

30 November
Earthly and cosmic forces;
Biodynamic 500 and 501
preparations; the 12 human senses
and the planes of space

11 January 2020
Rhythms in nature and cosmos;
elements of PSTE; 3 King’s
preparation stirring and spraying; the
Biodynamic sowing calendar

22 February
Botany and phenomenology of the
plant; plant study (seed and root);
elements of PSTE; plant study (seed
and root); soil preparations

28 March 2020
Plant study (leaf metamorphosis);
elements of PSTE; plant study
(flower, fruit and seed); compost

25 April
Organisms below the ground (case
study of the worm); elements of
PSTE; organisms above the ground
(case study of the bees)

23 May
Plant health and care; Biodynamic
weeds, pest and disease
management; homeopathy:
potentising a Biodynamic pepper

13 June
Stirring and spraying 501; the role of
elemental beings; elements of PSTE;
the significance of the farm animal

11 July
Nutrition; the task of the educational
gardener; rounding off and closing

To apply please contact Peter van Vliet on 07975 793 193 or via email

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